Daena Lorne Motion Design




My background is fine art photography, conceptualising ideas, developing and experimenting in hand printing techniques. A couple of the pieces below have been featured in exhibitions such as 'Hunted Projects' & 'Elements'.



This is what is left of a 100 year old asylum, that served WW1 patients. Today it has been left a relic, grade A listed buildings cannot be touched, so instead slowly decay. I wanted to capture the softness left after the mass departure of so many vulnerable patients. Shot on a medium format Roliflex camera and C-Type colour printed.


Pin Hole

A variation of camera obscura, this is a simple box without a lens and a single small aperture, a pinhole – created from a small light-proof box with a hole in one side. Projecting an inverted image on the opposite side of the box onto colour paper.

Pinhole hole imagery can be tricky, as you have limited control on composition and exposure. I would time shots by judging the lighting conditions and setting up my subjects in interesting perspectives. I wanted to keep the raw elements of the paper in post-production and print as shot. The texture adds as a reminder of the raw process.